Basketball Injuries?

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Basketball injuries can always pose a fork in the road for athletes. The most difficult part of an injury is your road to recovery. Once an athlete is fully recovered from an injury they’re eager to get back on the court and play. Although that push to play again may cause some athletes to jump back in quickly. There are a few tips I can provide to help prevent injuries again.

Stretching before any activity, practice, or game is a MUST each time. I recommend that players warm up with a fast jog or mild run up and down the court before they start. After completing this run, is it crucial that you stretch your muscle once they are slightly loose so that you can prevent a strain or tear. It’s not good for muscles to stretch them when they’re cold. Then run we would meet up in the middle of the court for team stretches.

Another way to stop and injury is to wear proper braces on the body area you’ve injured. The benefit of wearing a brace is they are simple to fit, can be worn frequently, and can be easily adjusted for comfort to the affected region. A brace in general is used to prevent unusual moves that occurred before, causing the injury. After an injury occurs, it is somewhat hard to move the affected area. A brace enables an athlete to move the specific area more comfortably, and give support when moving the muscle or affected area. Another kind of a brace would use athletic wrap or tape. The advantages of taping the previously injured area is to improve the stability of the muscle or joint. Tape can also provide a closer and more comfortable feel to the affected area. Tape also helps prevent unwanted movement and enables normal movements wherever possible, whereas a brace wouldn’t as much.

One of the most important concepts to remember when preventing future sports injuries is staying in shape. The reason that most NBA basketball players remain injury free is they follow strict workout plans daily. One of the golden rules of sport is that the fitter you are, the more likely you are to prevent significant injury in the future. Not only staying physically fit is important, but having a healthy diet is a must in preventing injuries.

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